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We help you to monitor air quality and gas detection systems remotely, from anywhere in the world.


Our Services

Indoor Air Quality Monitoring

Remote Gas Monitoring

Service and Maintenance

Live Alerts

Our Monitoring System can be set to send automatic alerts if your gas detectors or control panel records a fault, making it the safest way to monitor.


We specialise in testing and servicing commercial gas detection equipment to give you peace of mind.

Gas Sensors

The gas sensors we maintain and replaceĀ are manufactured in the UK to the highest standards.

Data Logging

We record and store all the data for every detector, and display this data in simple and easy to read graphs and charts via our web portal.

Air Quality Sensors

We offer a range of Air Quality/ CO2 Monitors where the data can be captured and stored, before being analysed to review air quality.

Remote Monitoring

Data is collected every 60 seconds from connected systems and stored online in our portal for you to access at the click of a button.

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