Remote Gas Monitoring

We provide a single space our clients can use to monitor their gas detection and air quality systems remotely from anywhere in the world.

Installing a fixed gas detection system is one of the best things you can do to protect your buildings and the lives of the people within. The next best thing is to ensure that the gas detection system is monitored remotely. Fixed gas detection systems constantly monitor for a target gas or gasses. When the system senses gas, it will alarm and automatically shut off the gas supply to the building to prevent any further leaks.

We understand how busy our customers are. We aim to lighten the workload of site managers and property owners by allowing them to monitor their gas detection and air quality systems remotely from absolutely anywhere. If a gas detection system alarms in the middle of the night, we will have it recorded with the gas levels, time and date stamped, facilitating investigation into the cause after the event.

The Senseteq Platform

The Senseteq platform provides a place where a business owner or site manager can monitor all the gas detection systems across their estate from a single place. Alarm notifications and faults are immediately pushed to the customers email and phone so they can take action to minimise downtime from a gas detection alarm.

Fixed gas detection systems also require regular planned maintenance. The Senseteq platform can monitor for ‘Service’ or ‘End of Life’ warnings from the systems, prompting the customer to make the necessary maintenance arrangements at a time that suits the site.

Gas Detection Monitoring

Fixed gas detection systems are often forgotten about in a boiler room. The Senseteq monitoring platform connects to a fixed gas detection system and provides live monitoring of the gas sensors and system from anywhere in the world. We’ll send you alerts if the system goes into alarm and courtesy reminders if the system needs maintenance.

Visualise Your Data

Customers of the Senseteq Monitoring platform are able to view and download historical data form any control systems registered to the platform. Graphs and tables are some of the ways users can monitor their sites and the performance of their systems and sensors.

Features of Remote Monitoring


Receive live alerts when detectors are triggered.

Remote Monitoring

Check the status of your gas safety system from a remote location.

View Data

View historic sensor and gas safety data.

Service Reminders

Received reminders when to service the equipment to ensure maximum protection.

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