Servicing Gas Detection Equipment

We offer specialist maintenance contracts including thorough annual servicing and testing of Commercial Gas Detection Equipment across the UK.

What's Included in the Service?

> Testing all Gas Detectors with appropriate gasses

> Inspection of the Detectors

> Detector recalibration to reset sensitivity drift

> Fault Conditions tested and confirmed

> Function test the system and detectors

> Clean and remove any dust/debris from the enclosures

> Inspection of the Gas Control Panel

> Test Valve power output

> Issue test report and provide future service due dates

Boiler Room Gas Detection equipment often gets installed and forgotten about.  It’s often the case that these safety systems are installed and left for their duration. However, servicing and maintaining gas detection is an essential part of what we offer here at Senseteq.

We offer maintenance contacts to service and test each and every gas detector with the appropriate gases and replace any sensors that appear to have degraded in any way.  By doing this we can ensure that the gas safety system is doing exactly what it was originally installed to do.

Testing your equipment

When carrying out a servicing we will only use the appropriate test gas on the detectors to make sure they are tested accurately.



Manufacturers Recommendations

Detectors are ‘Optimum calibrated’ when manufactured, the performance and accuracy of the detectors can deteriorate with time, the rate of which depends on the type of sensor and the operating conditions e.g. dusty, corrosive or damp environments and temperature fluctuations can cause accelerated decline in response and accuracy.

Due to this, it is vital to consider the manufactures recommendations for testing and calibration frequency.  Its recommended that the detectors are re calibrated and tested on an annual basis at least.


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