About Us

Specialists in Gas Detection and Air Quality Monitoring. Senseteq provides you with a complete solution of remote monitoring, live alerts and on-site servicing when required.

With engineers covering London, the South East and nationwide, we can ensure that you’re gas detection systems are kept in excellent condition, maintained and working as expected in all environments.

Senseteq recognises that technology plays a vital role in safety and peace of mind which is why our customer portal is available to all our customers, providing a platform to monitor and receive alerts from your gas detection systems 24/7.

Our Customers

Schools & Universities

Gas Detection and Air Quality is of paramount importance in educational establishments. Senseteq facilitates accurate monitoring of the gas detection systems to keep the kids safe and also the air quality to keep the air they breath healthy.


Modern office buildings have a focus on the wellbeing of their occupants. Air quality and air quality monitoring is becoming increasingly utilised among the most advanced spaces around the world.


Senseteq service and monitor gas detection systems in some of the most recognisable hotels in the world. Large and small hotels understand the need to keep their customers safe by maintaining and closely monitoring their gas detection controls 24/7.

Local Authorities

Police, Ambulance and Fire Stations all often have vehicles indoors. Senseteq service & monitor gas detection systems to protect staff against petrol or diesel fumes alongside the more regular boiler room protection.


Senseteq work with a number of councils in the UK, using our monitoring technology in commercial plant rooms for sheltered housing, care or retirement homes. Providing an alert when gas has been detected or if a system needs servicing is more important than ever for the safety of the residents.

Bars & Restaurants

Bars and Restaurants often have CO2 monitoring in the cellar, gas interlock in the kitchen and possibly even gas detection in the boiler room. Senseteq can monitor and provide servicing for all three areas.